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Jul 21

Original Sin Hard Cider

Original Sin Hard Cider

Original Sin Hard Cider

Name: Original Sin Hard Cider

Country: USA

Brewer: Original Sin Corp, NY.  Bottled by Indian River Brewing Co, FL

Type: Hard Cider

ABV: 6%

Packaging: Brown glass bottle

Bottle Info: (As above)







First Impressions:

Sweet, yeasty nose.  Nice, smooth cider taste.


No trace of oak barrel.  No “cooler” malt taste.  Definitely an easy drinker.

After Word:

This beverage delivers clean cider taste. No resemblance to beer whatsoever.  Might even be worth the trip outside The Garden!

Who Should Try:

Those who like a smooth, easy drinker with no cloying sweetness.

[important]Cocktail and Beer′s 0-10 Ratings:

Malt: 0

Oak: 0

Bitter: 3

Acidic: 4

Carbonation: 6

Easy Drinker: 7

Ciderness: 7

Overall: 7

Recommended: Yes