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Jul 20

Cocktails and Beer 0-10 Ratings Explained

Here is my current thinking about the 0-10 ratings:

Malt:  How much malt taste.  0=Very little, 10=Pure malty overload.

Hops: 0=No hops at all, 10=Extremely hops forward or distinctive.

Bitter: 0=Sickly sweet, 10=Painfully bitter.

Acidic: Without using a pH meter, how acid or basic is the brew.  0=Acid, 10=Basic.

Carbonation: 0=Flat out of the container, 10=Explodes into an insane head.

Easy Drinker: 0=Totally undrinkable, 10=Goes down as easily as water.

Beerness:  0=Sweet, malty wine cooler, 10=Real beer with character.

Overall:  How will I remember this beer: 0=Never ever again or 10=More, NOW!